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Great podcast

Just started listening this week and I’m hooked. Great conversations with a lot of humor mixed in. It’s a lot of fun listening to friends on the podcast and hearing their stories. Keep it up Mike

A stand out amongst the others

A perfect blend of knowledge, intrigue, and hilarity. Keep up the great work M Dawes


Fascinating stories! Really enjoy eavesdropping on the conversations among old friends. Good stuff Mike.

Interesting Stories and Amusing

Although I’ve never met Mike Dawes personally, the stories I’ve heard about him through the years border on being legendary. As a person who has an affection for Wyoming (especially Jackson Hole) I found these episodes to be highly interesting, uncommon, authentic, and very entertaining. I look forward to future episodes to come!


Mike talks with people from all walks of life. It is always interesting to hear peoples journeys and all the different paths that others have taken to succeed in life. Success is different to everyone but the people Mike talks with have followed their definition and are living their life to the fullest.


Love the podcast! Great stories, thought provoking, awesome listen.

Great Show

Great show Dawes! Looking forward to more.

Stoked to see where this goes!

Loving the podcast so far. Can’t wait to see who else you get on the show.

Life is about great story telling!

Great listen and delivered with authenticity and transparency.You have got a good thing here!

Life lessons !!

A great listen with guests who have experienced more than most & have wonderful perspective on life and what’s important.

Chris Fegan/Upper Amazon Conservancy podcast. Insightful!

I loved listening to the Permit to Think episode with Chris Fegan of the Upper Amazon Conservancy. I appreciate how Permit to Think brought the interview down to a informal, conversational level while still focusing on the importance of the Conservancy’s mission in Peru. Chris is dedicated and informed more than I could realize without this interview.

Vance F session

Loved it! Refreshing discussion and topics! Seemed authentic & comfortable- excited to listen to more of these podcasts!!