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April 12, 2023

Brian Matthews - For the first time, the second time!

Brian Matthews - For the first time, the second time!
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In this episode I sit down with Brian Matthews.  Brian was the first guest on PTT and now he is the first repeat guest on the show.  To listen to Brian’s full introduction please go back to episode #1 and get some more color on our journey together.  Brian is one of the 3 partners at the  Harmonic Growth Fund, a Venture Capital firm with an investment strategy that identifies incredible entrepreneurs and gives them growth capital to pursue their visions.  He specifically focuses on founders in several markets, namely enterprise SaaS, FinTech, consumer internet and healthcare IT.   He currently sits on numerous boards but still finds time to hang with the family,  fish, ski, bike whenever possible.  Brian lives right here in JH with his wonderful family.  Without further adieu for the first time, the second time, please welcome Brian Matthews back to the show!